Google Duo Auto Frames feature (Auto Frames feature) Galaxy S20 series will now get it

The Galaxy S20 series is now

The Galaxy S20 series is now receiving the Google Duo auto frame feature.

During video calls, the new feature keeps the user focused by zooming in toward his face when away from the phone

The camera also moves smoothly towards the user when they are moving.

Google announced the Google Duo auto-framing feature a year ago, and it was included in the first feature update for Pixel smartphones.

It was exclusive to the Pixel 4 series, but it seems that the feature also started for Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

So far, however

So far, however, the auto frame feature appears to be limited, to the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 +, and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

People tested it in Android Police on the Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Z Fold 2,

and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, but the feature is not yet supported on those smartphones. But it will be available soon on Samsung devices

Duo allows users to subscribe

Duo allows users to subscribe via phone number only, without the need for a Google account, as after installing the application,

the user receives a verification code that he receives via SMS.

You can log in from any phone device using the phone number and verification code,

but you cannot use two phones at the same time to make or receive video calls.

And the user must

And the user must do the verification process every time he logs in from a new phone,

which means that the application is designed to serve one phone at a time.

The application is multi-platform, as it works on the iOS from Apple and Android from Google,

as they are the two most important operating systems for mobile devices.

The application does not work on Windows phones. It also does not work on Windows, OS X, or Chrome OS.