Will iPhone do the same as Nokia did before

Is iPhone taking the same steps as Nokia towards the fall?

Phone screen

In the previous period she refuses
IPhone and all the power update the full screen,

I do not see this as a reason for refusing full screen updates, so is iPhone adhering to customs and traditions now, or is there another reason behind that?

Despite the high price of the screen now available in iPhone 12 and the presence of a Super Retina OLED screen
The screen is still not complete.

Fear that the iPhone will be in the same way as Nokia company when it refused Android.

The comparison is difficult between the two companies, but the road is close to the same event.

charging capacity

Now Xiaomi talks about 120w charging capacity and still iPhone 12 at 20w

We ask

Of course, iPhone fans want to see their phone with a full screen and with strong charging speed. Will the iPhone update or collapse soon ..